Countdown to Saturday: Favorite Companion

I must admit, I like Rose, I love Donna, I have compassion for Martha, but Amy is my favorite companion, because she is like me, she dreamed of adventures with the raggedy Doctor since she was a child, just like me, while other little girls dreamed of teen beat Duran, Duran and Wham, I wanted to be a companion for Doctor Who.    Of course, being American, all my friends where like, Doctor Who?  Who?  I can not wait until the premiere Saturday for my Doctor return, but it is with a tear, since my Amy won’t be there, but if I could ever be someone who traveled with the Doctor, other then myself :), it would have to be River Song.  She is who I’d want to be, so for my River here’s a tribute …


Bling, Bling

The perfect accessory

The perfect accessory



Baby got her first piece of bling yesterday in the mail, her impala keychain.  The perfect little addition for her makeover.


***and yes that does say “singer” under her keys 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Future Adventure

Future Adventure

The Police Box, the T.A.R.D.I.S., the future vehicle of my teenage daughter’s travel?  I think future tense, is future adventure, future dreams, future hope.  There is no way to look at the future, but with hope and dreams.  I think if we add fear or limitations to the future, we are truly putting ourselves in a box, and it’s way smaller on the inside then the outside.

I don’t want to dream in box, I don’t want to live in box, unless it’s blue and comes with a Time Lord.

Beginnings of her makeover

She’s in the garage and slowly starting to get a makeover, this weekend her seats were taken out and recovered in black, we are looking for the right color to redo her dash and sides, but while we search on ebay, car sites and junk yards, we thought she needed a little “Kansas” to get her on the right road home, so “Carry on my wayward…”