Weekly Writing Challenge: A Manner of Speaking “Talk Nerdy to Me”

There’s something magical about saying a phrase to a total stranger, and suddenly there’s a twinkle in their eye, and they know without a doubt that they’ve found a kindred spirit.  Where somehow, no matter where they are from, what’s their economic background, nationality or age, they have found a life long friend. Where phrases like Fish Fingers and Custard are not meant as non-sensical phrases, but a solemn oath that means you are beyond serious.  Where “Hello Sweetie,” is not a southern term used by your waitress, but  a way to introduce the adventure is about to begin.

Where Doctor, does not mean your local physician or surgeon, but it’s the Doctor, who is better then Superman, Iron Man and Thor put together.  Geronimo is not a Native American, but something to be yelled as you leap to face danger.  I love being part of this Whovian world, where I can debate for hours the attributes of the Eleventh Doctor versus number ten, or where Moffat, Tennant and Smtih are household names.  Where Angels, should be feared, they are made of stone and are on a hunt to steal your time-line.  Where a Phone Box, has a whole new meaning of adventure, not something that is old and no longer in use.   It’s not all greek, it’s all GEEK to me 🙂


Doctor Who in 5 minutes: Hide

There’s something strange in the neighborhood, who can you call?


“Doctor will it hurt?”

“No.  Well yes, probably a bit, well, quite a lot, I don’t know, it might be pure agony, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know, but I’d be interested to find out.”

The first cut

We’ve started building our next T.A.R.D.I.S.  this one will be to actual scale, we think final height will be 10 feet 2 inches!!!   Can we say EXCITING!!!

Our goal is to have start a Doctor Who night for our friends and fellow fans once this is done:)  – Keep it up on display and watch Doctor Who Episodes from the beginning gearing us up for the fiftieth anniversary!!!