Doctor Who Cosplay: Vampire of Venice

So, First time Cosplaying, for our Doctor Who launch party we are going to play Doctor Who @ the Proms, which features the music from Season 5 with the Eleventh Doctor and all his “Monsters,” the Vampire of Venice where my favorite because they were such a tribute the Classic 1930s vampires, but they were as all doctor who “creatures,” in reality an Alien invasion of Fish People.  I have to say, I wish my whole heart I could sew, fabricate teeth, but this is still SO MUCH FUN!!!


The Road So Far: Vortec Heads

Vortec heads for the Impala

Vortec heads for the Impala

Baby got a “new” pair of Vortec heads:) – she is going to be sexy inside and out!!!  Can’t wait to hear her engine purr!!!

Update on Sexy

T.A.R.D.I.S. number two, our tribute to Matt Smith’s Sexy is coming along AWESOME!!!  Here are just some quick pics of this weekends work, all to get ready for her debut’ June 7th!!!  We can’t wait to have our first official Doctor Who night with our friend Dalek Gan 😉 – I am trying a Vampire of Venice costume, not loving the teeth, I couldn’t find the teeth close to the “vampire of venice,” I’ll show pictures after “tea” dying my gown.  More later 😉

The Road So Far: Baby’s New Engine

Baby’s new engine is sexy and ready and waiting to go in and let us her that engine PURR!!!  While we are getting ready for the engine over haul, Dad’s been cleaning up the interior getting her panted and back to her original glory 😉 plus check out our find!!!  A very sexy “salt can” for our trunk 🙂


Daily Prompt: Elevator – Intriguing Stranger

Just as the doors started to close, he walked in, his hair seemed to have a massive mind of it’s own, he looked something like an absent-minded professor who shopped in the wardrobe department of the BBC, his bow tie was the first thing I noticed.   He stood a couple of inches taller then me and his eyes seemed to sparkle mischievously, he smiled a hello and hit the button for the thirteenth floor.  I breathed a sigh of relief that I was only going to the sixth floor, even stopping on the thirteenth floor seemed to be like walking under a ladder, all day bad luck.  I am a rational person, but you shouldn’t tempt fate if you don’t have to.


The elevator started its slow descent up the pre-war building.  It seemed to protest the weight of its passengers with a slow groan.  Just as the light blinked indicating the passing of the fourth floor, the brakes seemed to be applied, and the elevator jerked to an abrupt halt.   I looked at my fellow passenger with questioning eyes, he seemed to pull some kind of instrument out of his pocket, an electronic screw driver.  My eyes seemed to strain to see, it couldn’t be a sonic screw driver, could it?  Was I still asleep and not on my way to work?  I closed my eyes and breathed, I reached up behind my arm, in the soft part of the flesh and pinched as hard as I could, the pain felt real, I heard the familiar sound of a SONIC SCREW DRIVER, I looked at the stranger, sure he looked like the man that had lived on my tv for the last three seasons of the Doctor, but he wasn’t real right?!  RIGHT?!!!