The Road so far . . . The Impala Replica Update

It’s been TOO long since we did an Impala update – she is looking HOT!!!


The Road So Far… Interior

INSIDE LOOKING SEXY – have to buy the other three door panels, but Baby is looking good – we even bought our little green army man 😉 –

The Road So Far: Baby’s New Engine

Baby’s new engine is sexy and ready and waiting to go in and let us her that engine PURR!!!  While we are getting ready for the engine over haul, Dad’s been cleaning up the interior getting her panted and back to her original glory 😉 plus check out our find!!!  A very sexy “salt can” for our trunk 🙂


Baby’s got a new motor

Update on the Baby (our Impala) yesterday we went to pick up our FREE 327 Impala motor.  It’s originally from a 1969 Impala, then went into a 61 Vette, and now through family, we were given the motor for free, she needs some tender love and car, but it’s Beautiful!!!  Here are the latest photos from the Baby’s restoration:

Bling, Bling

The perfect accessory

The perfect accessory



Baby got her first piece of bling yesterday in the mail, her impala keychain.  The perfect little addition for her makeover.


***and yes that does say “singer” under her keys 🙂